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The Witches Complete Guide to Self Care (Book)

The Witches Complete Guide to Self Care (Book)

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 The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care features over 100 accessible rituals, spells, and mystical practices to help you reconnect to your mind, body, and spirit. Witchcraft is the practice of connecting a deeper power within yourself to the power within nature. Blending witchcraft and wellness, the abundance of meditations and manifestations in this guide will help you unite with your intentions and the natural world around you to live a fully fulfilled life. While this book will not give you a simple spell to be happy, its intention is to unseat the complex issues that are the roots of your unhappiness. Complete with meditations and mantras to guide you through the toughest parts of your craft, The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care is an essential part of any self-aware pagans library. By performing rituals to release guilt and protection spells that build boundaries (among other things), this book will guide you through how to care for yourself and your inner witch. Reflection is a key component to self-discovery and fulfillment. Learn:

- How to make homemade tea blends to soothe your mind, and then read your fortune in the leftover leaves
- Cleansing rituals to banish bad energy
- Wellness witchery through goddess baths—complete with recharging herbs and crystals to help channel your light
- How to ward your time to protect your values
- Rituals for letting go of sadness, grief, and anything that is no longer serving you
- Uncrossing spells to help you move past whatever has been blocking you from your true happiness
- Herbal remedies to heal the body

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