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The Astrology Directory

The Astrology Directory

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 Take a deep dive into the world of our signs and planets in this easy-to-follow directory. Astrology is something that we've all heard of and probably even taken an interest in but the topic is much more complex than the familiar zodiac sign that determines our whole personality. There are layers of knowledge in this study that has been around for centuries. To really understand the magic of astrology get to know the more intricate subjects of planet placements and retrograde motion. In this beautifully designed directory easily find the answers to all your celestial questions. Learn to understand your wants and needs and strengthen your relationships with those around you by understanding theirs. The Astrology Directory includes: - a chapter dedicated to each sign - sections addressing each signs ideal work home and love life - the links between food health and money and each astrological sign Become an expert on yourself and learn to live life to its fullest potential the way the stars have mapped out for you. With gorgeous full-color imagery this is the perfect gift for the person in your life who has their head in the clouds. The Spiritual Directories series offers concise handbooks on a variety of spiritual and new age subjects. Written by experts in their fields in easy-to-understand language and beautifully presented in a visually driven format the directories are essential guides for beginners. With practical and simple step-by-step instructions you'll discover how to interpret the secret languages of the universe to create a happy and positive future for yourself and others. Other titles in this series: Chakra Directory Crystal Directory Fortune Telling Directory Spirit Animal Directory Tarot Directory.

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