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Mirror Truth Tarot Cards

Mirror Truth Tarot Cards

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When you look in the mirror in the morning, you see your outer appearance. Now you can use your inner mirror to recognise invisible and hidden truths to bring them to light. These 36 captivating Lenormand cards with accompanying guidebook offer simplicity with truly inspirational and astounding accuracy.
Each card has its own meanings and keywords, and in connection with several cards, it will give answers to your day-to-day and significant questions. They combine precise traditional symbolism, intuitive interpretation, and modern art images that incorporate fractals - all of which create a whole new type of image that literally pulls you in. Look inside these mirror cards to bring your unconscious self to the surface!
Book Features:

  • 36 Lenormand cards with guidebook to bring hidden truths to light
  • Easy and quick to learn with precise answers
  • Symbolism, intuitive interpretation, and modern art images
About the Author
Silvia Anne-Marie Neitzner is an artist and naturopath from Germany. Inspired by her own paranormal experiences, she combines science and art in a completely new way in images and therapy.
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