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Embroidered Pendulum Mats (2 styles)

Embroidered Pendulum Mats (2 styles)

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Pendulum Mats

 Pendulum Mat is a practical way to take the guesswork out of readings with your pendulum. Featuring words to help clarify your readings such as yes, no, maybe and rephrase. Made from a polyester velvet with cotton embroidery, this mat is easy to fold and can be used to wrap your pendulum and other divination tools when you are on the move.

We currently have both the Zodiac and Celtic mats in available.

(Pendulums not included- Mat only}.
Approx: 30 x 30cm

Please Note: Disclaimer: Some of our products are based on myth and folklore and may suggest some supernatural powers, however we make no claims as to their magickal, psychic or esoteric properties and are sold as curios only. This offering is for informative purposes only and its content should not be considered professional advice. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy it is no replacement for the attention of a dedicated professional.

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