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The Everyday Enchantment Tarot Cards

The Everyday Enchantment Tarot Cards

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Profound wisdom is made accessible with this contemporary 78-card deck and expansive guidebook, which demystifies the traditional Tarot without losing its essential magic or structure. This down-to-earth yet captivating Tarot reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary, reminding you that there's nothing humdrum about everyday life! The distinctive cards depict recognizable characters of all ages, appearances, and abilities, providing insights and inspiration from people just like you.
The comprehensive book allows each familiar character to communicate directly, combining their story with keywords and clear descriptions that invite your intuitive interpretation. This warmly inclusive Tarot celebrates all life, embracing nature and the non-human beings that share our world – our unseen companions and our creature-kin. Here wild spirits and animals, car mechanics and busy parents are all equally vital, and each has something meaningful to share. These engaging individuals support and encourage you on your journey, making every day more enchanted.
Book Features:

Contemporary 78-card Tarot deck and expansive guidebook

  • Involves the everyday life of people of all ages, appearances, and abilities
  • Use the guidebook to delve into the back story of each image
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