What is Aura, and what part does it play in your existence?

Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body, every object and organism in the universe. This electromagnetic field consists of seven layers of color, which interplay to determine our emotions, behaviors, feelings and other attitude we usually exhibit. These layers are normally seen with inner eyes as a mixture of radiant colors, which have different functions and purposes they play. If one of the colors becomes dominant, then we can study it to understand its significance. However, the more radiant a color is, the more its auric significance. Therefore, from the above, we can then say that there are two different kinds of auric colors, the clean colors of the aura and the dirty colors of the aura.

What are the clean colors of Aura and what do they signify?

The clean colors of aura are the bright, monochromatic and shiny colors of the rainbow. Their individual significance is discussed below.

  • Purple: As one of the clean Auric colors, purple is signifies spiritual thoughts. It usually appears as a cloud or frame, and goes when the thought is gone.
  • Blue: Blue signifies balance, relaxation and survival. People with a predominant bleu Auric point tend to survive where people fail and are always eager to solve life threatening problems.
  • Turquoise: People with turquoise color as a predominant feature in their Auric field tend to be dynamic, highly energetic, good in projecting their points and very good in influencing others to accepting their point of view.
  • Green: Green signifies natural healing abilities and is present around natural healers. It also signifies peacefulness, restfulness and calm energy. The more pronounced the green in a person’s auric field, the better his or her healing abilities.
  • Yellow: It is a fact that people who glow yellow posses inner joy, freedom, generous and are not too attached to material things. It is a quality mostly found in spiritual teachers.
  • Orange: Orange signifies the ability to uplift, inspire and control people. It is usually a strong point in leaders. It turns into gold when a leader also has good spiritual background.
  • Pink: Pink which is a combination of purple and red signifies love. It is evident on people who have found the balance between spiritual awareness and material existence. It is a rare color to find.
  • Red: This signifies the hunger for material possessions. It is seen on people with great wealth and affluence. It is also seen on people who are only concerned about their own welfare and careless about other people.

What are the dirty colors of Aura and what do they signify:

They are Auric-colors that appear darker than the bearers’ background; they tend to appear dull instead of shiny. They include and usually signify:

  • Brown: Brown signifies materialism, unsetting, negative spirituality and distracting.
  • Gray: Gray is usually seen on people with dark thoughts and unclear intentions.
  • Sulfur: This signifies lack of ease, pain or anger.
  • White: The white aura signifies someone who is about to pass to the underworld. It is believed that when people grow old and about to die, their Aura turns white.

Understanding the meaning and significance of Auric colors will enable you know how best to handle every person that comes close to you, it will also help you to understand people’s moods and what they can encounter in nearby future. To understand aura better, I suggest you go through different publications or hire a psychic to help you.

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