Spirit Guides

Is there such a thing called Spirit Guides? How would you connect to them?

The Spirit guides are already connected to us upon birth. They are assigned to us before we are born and they are the ones that help us go through life. Some stay with you your entire life but some others can come and go freely depending on what it is that you are trying to achieve or may even help you in certain areas of your life. They can appear either as a female or male but remember they appear as an energy. You can be the only one that they are helping or they may help some others too. In addition, they can be spirits that had physical reincarnations or some who have never taken any shape.

How can they help us? These guides may be able to see what we are doing with our lives and when they feel they need to step in or intervene they will give you several signs. They might send you a sign and alert you to something that you might need to know or see, so you need to pay attention when this happens. Trust your gut feelings. We all had those from time to time and had that creepy type of eerie feeling like someone poked you in your gut? That just might be your spirit that is poking you. How about being Intuitive? You know that sign like something told you to go slower or maybe you were late because you forgot something and had to go get it and you avoided an accident had you been right on time. Sometimes those thoughts or feelings just pop out of nowhere but they contain just as important information that again you want to pay attention too. How about the people in your life? Sometimes guides meet with each other and they attempt to create a meeting within the charges. You know how this works. You were thinking of someone and then you happen to meet them in the store or maybe they called you. You think maybe it was just a coincidence but you were putting it out there in the universe, but it could be that the spirit guides set you up. Spirit guides can only nudge or arrange something so much. You can pick up on the clues that they are giving you, but some situations are better to just give it up instead of getting frustrated.

Can we work with our guides directly? You can try to work on these to help you and your guides. Try listen to your intuition. It’s that voice you hear like maybe you should buy something or start a conversation with someone but then you don’t. Many people just ignore this sign. Follow your gut feelings. If you feel it isn’t right, then it probably isn’t. You may get signs. Signs come along in many different ways. Maybe you go to your car and there is a flyer on it about something you were wanting to try. That is a sign.

Journaling also helps by writing down some questions you would like to ask your guide. Dreaming also helps to connect to them especially if you open up to them and of course you can always see a psychic in which they can help you identify some of the spirit guides and this will help provide you with an introduction on your own.

What you need:

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards
The Angel Guide Oracle Cards
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