How long have I been a Psychic?

All my life, I have demonstrated that I have Psychic skills.

This is a question I am often asked – just after providing a reading to a person who is often amazed at how the messages are given. A few years ago I would have said, I’m new to this and have only been doing this professionally since 2008. However, I have been thinking about this statement a lot lately and tonight I have woken up hearing lots of messages in my head asking me to think hard about what I have been doing and for how long.

I have always prayed to a God, Angels, Spirits or whatever you want to call this entity/s. I started attending churches from a young child and spiritualist churches since I was in my late teens. I thought a few years ago that I had been taught how to provide psychic readings and develop my mediumship skills. It is only now that I realise I have had these gifts all my life however I have never been able to ‘name’ them.

I often tell my clients that everyone can be psychic and that we are all born with the gift, it is just how do you develop this further if you so choose. I realised at a young age that if there was a difficult situation that if I raised this in my mind and asked for assistance there was always an answer or solution that came in a very quick time frame. I have always had a ‘gut’ feeling that I trusted and originally I was not sure where this feeling came from, I just knew that I needed to trust my ‘gut’ feeling. Now I know what to name this feeling – Intuition.

I have always had dreams and Deja vu and often sat in amazement when scenes were re-enacted in front of me and I often knew the outcomes before they happened. Now I would name this something else – premonitions / psychic ability.

I have always been able to support people in a compassionate way and listened to their concerns and situation, often having to have difficult conversations with people in my work situation; I now know that every time I am involved in these difficult conversations that the words, just come – I am guided by my Angels and Guides to speak what is needed. I now trust completely that things will sort themselves out in the way that should occur.

I have always had numerous conversations going on in my head and debates with myself on how to solve problems and reminders of things I have needed to do. I have always thought this was the norm; however, now I understand this is all the messages that I am hearing that need to come through, I have finally learnt to still my mind when I need to. I appreciate meditation and the ‘rest’ that this provides for my mind.

I remember having dreams when I was only a small child, where there were no images just voices talking – one voice that is very excited and fast while the other voice is very stable and constant and reassuring.

I have always interrupted conversations as I have heard a quick comment and just ‘ had to throw it in’. It couldn’t wait and I was not sure where the comments came from. Now I know, and I use these skills on a daily basis especially when I am giving readings. It is these quick thoughts and comments that form the readings that I have been channelling.

I have always visualised things, this is how I process, I have to picture it in my mind, I can recall back a meeting and see who was in the room, even if it was 30 years ago, who was sitting where and what colour the walls were etc etc. Now I still visualise, however in a reading I see pictures that form part of the messages that I deliver. When I describe a patio and the green hills and views surrounding it the person who I am reading for can confirm this is where they sit of a morning having breakfast – this is now what I call ‘verification’.

So now if a person asks ‘ how long have you been doing this stuff?’ I can honestly answer all my life, haven’t you?

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