Connecting with Your Spirit Guide

The concept of spirit guide is an extension of the concept of reincarnation. Spirit guides are helpers assigned to us, to help and guide us throughout our lifetime. Spirit guides are said to be responsible for keeping us focused in achieving and fulfilling our spiritual contracts, which we made with ourselves before incarnating into this world.

How do they guide us?

In varying degrees, these guides leave footprints on our paths to notify us that they are at work. They intervene in our different lives and situations in the following ways:

  • Gut feelings: Spirit guides can poke us on our guts when we are about to listen or pay attention to voices that we are not supposed to heed to. We can notice this at times when we suddenly come to the awareness that the decision we are about make is not the best for us, but we do not know how we come to this conclusion.
  • Sending signs: Synchronicities send from guides can help us to consciously enthusiastic about seeing or knowing something. For example, you may get to see something or a scene at different occasions within a short period.
  • Intuitive insight: Sometimes important information can pop up in your head especially when something bad is about to happen. For instance, you may hear a voice saying, “slow down” while you are driving. This voice from spirit guides can help to prevent accident from affecting you.
  • Using people around you: Guides can use chance encounter to guide their charges. They can go to the extent of meeting other people’s guides to use their charges to help you.
  • Nudging: Guides can distract or delay you so that you won’t run into dangers. They may nudge you to forget were you kept something you just kept so that you won’t miss an important event that you would have missed had it been you left.

How can we connect with our guides?

  • Paying attention to your intuition: Listening to your inner voice would help you to connect exceeding with your spirit guide.
  • Do not neglect your gut feelings: Your gut instinct may be your connecting point with your spirit guide now. So, do not neglect it.
  • Lookout for signs: There are always signs from our spirit guides, but noticing or understanding these signs may not be very simple if you are not used to them. You may have something on your mind like how to shed fats and someone mentions about a new gym center with standard equipment. That is a sign that you have to use the gym center to shed your weight.
  • Meditations: Meditations can help to build a higher connection between you and your guide. You can even get to hear voices when you are deeper in meditations, these voices can be your guides directing you.
  • Dreams: Spirit Guides can use dream as a medium of connecting with us. If you thoroughly wish to connect with your guides, dream is the best way this can happen.
  • Ask a psychic: A psychic can help you to identify signs from your guides and can also get to directly hear from your guides and send the message to you. They can also help you identify your spirit guides.

With the following tips and examples, you will be able to connect in a special way with your spirit guides, and be able to harness the potentials and benefits fulfilling the spiritual contract for which you came into this world.

What you need:

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