Burning Bowl Ceremony

At times we find ourselves in situations or stages of life where it is beneficial to conduct a ceremony to cleanse our life of the areas that are no longer needed and to encourage the areas that we desire.

People vary how often they do this process; some decide to do this on a monthly basis during a Full Moon Ceremony. Others may decide to do this each New Year or when they feel that their life would benefit from a cleansing ritual.

The ritual is very simple, and it is not dependent on when or how often you perform the cleansing. What is important is the intent behind the ritual.

At times we find ourselves with extra mental baggage that we want to release or we are closing a chapter or year of our life. So when you feel that you are at this stage or if you want to maintain a healthy spiritual life by a regular cleansing ritual then this may be the information that can assist you.

Setting up:

  • Allow enough time to complete the whole process, consider how much you may want to cleanse this would be based on how frequently you perform this ceremony.
  • Ensure you are in a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed by mobile phones, outside noises etc.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable ie slip off your shoes, comfortable seating and clothing.
  • You may decide to sit on the sand at the beach and overlook the ocean, you may decide to sit in your lounge room or bedroom.
  • Background soothing sounds such as ‘ocean waves, breeze’ if by the sea; or soft spiritual music if in your lounge or bedroom.
  • Have the following things close by glass of water, tissues, throw rug if chilly, fan if hot.
  • Have two lots of paper – the first is paper that will be burnt as part of the process – you will require possibly a few sheets of this depending on how much cleansing is required.  The second paper you will be keeping so consider some special paper – this will be used to write down all the good things you want to attract into your life.
  • You will need something to burn the paper in that will be safe – I have seen people use a Wok or a clay pot for example – ensure that you have water on hand in case there is an accident with the fire.
  • Matches or a lighter to start the burn
  • Small box to store your desire list – to keep it safe.
  • Couple of pens to write with.


Get yourself comfortable, play some background meditation music or listen to nature.

Start to write down on the first lot of paper all the things that you want to take out of your mind and to release from your thoughts it may be feelings, experiences, memories etc. Keep writing until you can think no more. You may feel like shedding a tear during this cleansing process, that is fine – the tears are signs of releasing these stresses energetically.

When you feel like you are not able to think of anything further this is time to start your ceremony releasing these feelings.  Prepare the fire in a safe container – remember to have some water close by as a safety precaution. Outside in the fresh air is one of the safer options for this exercise. Rip up the paper into small pieces and place these into the container and set them on fire. The fire assists to cleanse one’s life as well as one’s spirit.  The paper needs to burn up completely, stay with the bowl until all flames are burnt out and all paper has been destroyed. Leave the container in a safe place to cool down. Once all particles are cold then you can bury these in the garden covering totally with dirt.

Then go back to your safe comfortable seating and start to write on the 2nd lots of paper all the beautiful things you want to attract into your life. Write these in the positive such as affirmations ie Bring me prosperity, bring someone into my life who will love me unconditionally. Once your list is finished, fold it up so that this can be released to the Universe so that our Guides and Angels can have permission to bring these beautiful experiences into our wonderful life.

This ceremony can use a lot of energy. You can do this on your own or with some friends. This can be performed as a longer ceremony in the first instance or if regularly maintained ie at the Full Moon then this may be a shorter experience ie only write down 3 things to release and 3 things to attract.

I hope you enjoy this experience.

What you need:

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