Aura Health

Do you know what an aura is? In the spiritual and paranormal world, it is a very subtle, rather luminous radiation that surrounds either a person or an object like a halo.  Certainly not the type of radiation that you are exposed to medically.  We are familiar with such halos that connotes a person of particular power or of great holiness.  There is a claim out there that all living things and objects hold such an aura.  People have often associated auras with colors.  It also could be a type of map that surrounds a person’s thoughts and feelings.  We also associate auras that have effects on the brain such as people that suffer from those intense migraines.  In some religions, such as the Indian religions, the auras are very well represented.  Within the Hinduism religion, the aura represents the subtle body of seven colours.  In a lot of Hindu paintings of their gods and goddesses, you will notice that an aura is marked on their backhead. The seven aura colours are associated with the subtle body and its store of mental and emotional impressions. This would be considered a spiritual halo. Within the Bible, this symbolism of light is at times associated with the idea of the aura or “body of light, that is often reflected in the Islamic traditions.

Does everyone have an Aura and can you see them?  Aura’s are associated with people.  Often people will say that “she/he had a glow about her or him”.  All living things will generate this field of energy.  At times, you can sometimes tell when a person just doesn’t feel “right” to you, such as they are full of anger or hatred.  You don’t need to be a psychic to feel or to read an aura.   Usually, an aura when it is associated with a person will and can provide some insight into their spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of that individual. Auras emit energy with a special vibration and color. Gifted people and those who trained in the healing arts will be able to see the colors that will be able to manipulate those energies to provide effective healing.  There are a lot of colors in your aura which can include yellow, red, black, white, purple, gold and silver, green, orange and even rainbow hues. When you are able to learn what your aura colors are, you have the ability to change and heal the things that maybe you didn’t realize that it was holding you back.  Finding out and discovering what colors you have by getting an aura reading, can tell you what they mean and give you a better understanding of yourself.

Overall the cleaner, brighter and more colorful the aura is, that person is much more advanced spiritually.  In addition, if the energy distribution is more uniform, the healthier and balanced the person will be.

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