10 Benefits of Incense

Do you know that the word incense was derived from the Latin word incensum, which means ‘turning’?

This can also be translated to mean cure, repulsion or preventions from infirmities and other bad physical or spiritual things. Incense is generally made from aromatic plant resins, oils from animal skins and other ingredients. It is used in healing, spiritual, religious ceremonies and to control mind or body. In some cultures and religions, incense is molded to form sticks so that it could be easily burnt to release its aromatic effects. Other religious orders and cultures add grinded incense to hot charcoal or electric burner in order to burn and release its fragrance.

The benefits of using incense in homes, places of worship, offices, hospital, psychic clinics, cultural activities, traditional rites and many more are numerous. Therefore, in this write-up, we shall be discussing the most salient benefits of burning incense as follows:

  1. Enhanced concentration: Incense purifies the environment and gives the user and other people therein complete awareness of their environment. That is why incense is normally used during yoga exercises and meditations.
  2. Engineer greater creativity: Just like good music, incense can stimulate creativity by inspiring greater imaginations. Creativity as you know comes from sound imaginations and incense has the ingredients of enabling sound imagination.
  3. Increases motivation: Many religious leaders use incense to drive out negative energy and to motivate themselves into doing well with an increase in positive energy.
  4. Boosts confidence: With enhanced concentration and attention, it is natural for creativity and motivations to inherent in a person and this would lead to higher level of confidence.
  5. Prevent demonic attacks: Many religious groups use incense during religious rite in order to pursue demons, evil spirits and for cleansing. This is evident in Christian and other modes of worship.
  6. Prevents infections: The use of incense in medical sterilization is becoming more pronounced these days. It has been found to be true that incense can disinfect germs like bacterial from our environment. Also, from the recent studies carried out in china, it was discovered that incense works in the same capacity like other sterilization methods.
  7. Relieves headache: Since our sense of smell has a direct path to our brain, certain incents can be used to open the nasal paths, reduce blood pressure and trigger the brain to produce relaxation chemicals like dopamine, which is very helpful in relieving headaches.
  8. Heals depressions: Incents made from resins extracted from the Boswellia plant popularly known as frankincense, have been discovered to activate poorly understood ion channels in the human brain, which alleviates anxiety and depression.
  9. Reduces anxiety and tension: On several occasions, incents have been used as a cure for anxiety and tension by monks and other spiritual leaders. Its calming effects can be used to relax built-up tensions and anxiety in the body and helps to relax the body muscles.
  10. Reduces insomnia: The calming effect of incents on the body can help to induce sleep on a person suffering from sleeplessness, which is medically known as insomnia.

The above list is not exhaustive; there are still many good uses for which incense can be benefit you. However, every point discussed in the above list have been tested in several occasions and found to effective. Nevertheless, if you think that your case is not discussed in the above list, you can contact a psychic to give you further information on what to do.

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