Psychic Medium

Not all Psychics are Mediums, however most Mediums are Psychic – does this sound confusing?

In addition there are some people who are readers and not a psychic or a medium.

Readers are people who use cards such as Oracle or Tarot and go directly by the meanings in the book, they do not channel messages or link with loved ones who have passed over.

Psychics use various tools such as jewellery, Oracle and Tarot cards – they link with their Guides and use their other senses as well such as clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing) Clairvoyance (seeing).

Mediums use their connection with their Spirit Guides to bring through messages and links with loved ones who have passed over – they generally sense, see and hear things as part of the process. Mediums do not need to use any tools.

To bring through these messages however at times they may use psychometry ( holding jewellery or items).

To assist to develop skills in these areas it is worth exploring other linked topics such as meditation and chakras.

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