Incense – is easily purchased as cones or sticks and when lit provides an aroma that wafts through the home or business.

A significant amount of people burn incense for the fragrance or to cover other household odours such as cooking.

There are benefits in using incense that can be very exciting as each scent will attract a different energy, such as Sage assists in cleansing and removing unwanted energy.

Where Amber is said to attract money and positive finances. Patchouli assists with lowering stress levels.

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Incense Aromatherapy or Incense? These both go hand in hand and often people think of it as an air freshener. Many people are not aware of the many benefits incense has.  There are a lot of health benefits in using incense and not only does smell do wonders for the...

Burning Bowl Ceremony

Burning Bowl Ceremony At times we find ourselves in situations or stages of life where it is beneficial to conduct a ceremony to cleanse our life of the areas that are no longer needed and to encourage the areas that we desire. People vary how often they do this...

10 Benefits of Incense

10 Benefits of Incense Do you know that the word incense was derived from the Latin word incensum, which means 'turning'? This can also be translated to mean cure, repulsion or preventions from infirmities and other bad physical or spiritual things. Incense is...

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