·         Sage – Meditation, Purifier, Cleansing, Prayers, healing, Wisdom, Longevity, Money, Clarity, Knowledge, Inspiration, Domestic harmony, Psychic protection, Divination, Material Objects, Prosperity, Purification, Wisdom, Wealth. Sage scented incense is great for clearing the air, neutralizing negativity, and promoting a more peaceful atmosphere.

·         Sandalwood – incense has protective properties, and can be used in spells to banish negativity, repel evil, and make you feel more safe and secure. Blessing, Healing, Spirituality, promotes Clairvoyance, Psychic Opening, Protection, Banishing negativity, Communication of Prayers, Meditation, Purifier, Cleansing, Luck, Prosperity, Consecration, Spiritual, Psychic Awareness and Sexuality

·         Patchouli – For Money & Prosperity Spells, for Attraction, Fertility, Meditation, Prayers, Healing, Cleansing, Magic, Aphrodisiac

·         Jasmine – Love, Success, Money, Dreams, Spiritual Aid and Opening, For Luck in general, use for Prophetic Dreams, Sensuality, Sexuality, Healing, Aphrodisiac, Intimacy, Seduction, Grace, Beauty, Good Fortune, Elegance, Bride’s Success, Meditation, Moon Magic, Passion

·         Lavender – Peace, Cleansing, Healing, Tranquillity, Dreams, Divination, Communication of Prayers, Aphrodisiac, Love and Reconciliation

·         Musk – For Courage & Vitality, excite Passion, Sexual Attraction, Intense Desire, Self-Assurance, Confidence, Strength, perfect for the amorous bedroom, Aphrodisiac

·         Opium – For Opening Hidden Worlds, Divination, Fertility, making oneself Less Visible in Danger, Luck, Sleep, Prophesies, Astral Travel, Clairvoyance & Apparitions, Aphrodisiac, Sensuality, Strength, Sex

·         Orange – Harmony, Peace, Emotional openness, Love, Attracts Prosperity, Men, Luck and Stability, also used for Purification, Generosity, Refreshing, Security, Abundance, healing, For Marriage and permanent Relationships, for restoring Trust and increasing Confidence and Hope

·         Vanilla – Joy and Good Fortune, Lust, increases mental Powers, Aphrodisiac, Fertility, Contentment, Romance, Protection, Meditation, Dreams, Youthfulness, Passion, enduring Love and A guard amulet

·         Amber – Amber will open the Solar Plexus Chakra and will balance the energies in the body. It is said to draw out negativity and bring one a sense of peace and confidence. Use in ritual or meditation to improve the memory, balance the emotions, and inspire confidence. Burning amber as an incense will clear the area of negativity. Used in meditation and ritual to rediscover the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and to help remember our own past lives. A good stone to use when you need some balance in your life or just need to get back in touch with the earth. It is also useful in dissolving energy blockages and may be used at any chakra point to bring one’s aura back into balance.

·         Myrrh – myrrh incense is wonderful for healing spells, self-love rituals, or any type of calming meditation.

·         Frankincense – frankincense incense is a great “clearing” incense and can help to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your home. It’s helpful in healing spells and enhancing mental clarity.

·         Rose – rose incense is often used in love spells, but it is also great for enhancing your psychic awareness, promoting healing and peace in the home, and attracting good luck.

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