Over the years I have heard from a significant amount of people that they are still feeling connected to an ex partner/ lover.

Is this you – do you want to move on so that you can enjoy the next relationship that is coming forward for you or do you want to put more energy into your current relationship without worrying about your ex partner.

Then maybe this will assist – there are various ways to close off relationships – if you keep the door open then this may be what is stopping you from linking with your new partner.

When relationships have come to an end it is best to close them off – this way you won’t continue to have to be in touch or that the hurt of the relationship can be reduced and finally closed. Otherwise I believe you will come back in the next lifetime and have to relearn this lesson.  Some people suggest doing a meditation where you cut the cords of the relationships so that you are no longer joined spiritually, this is a great technique.

I often suggest to sit for a while on your own and write down all the things that you want to leave in regards to the relationship. Ensure you are not disturbed and you may want a box of tissues.

When these are all written down, tear up the paper and burn it fully.

Then sit down with another piece of beautiful paper. Write on this all the things you want to attract into a new relationship.  Try not to be too specific ie asking for someone who is 6ft 2 inches with a bald head is very specific.

Where if you ask for someone to come into your life who will love you unconditionally this will attract a better outcome. Ask for a relationship that is equal and that is supportive of each other.

Then fold this piece of paper up and keep it, then start to focus on yourself. There is an old saying – ‘ you have to love yourself first, so that you can attract others who will love you just as much’.

Hope this assists,

love and light, Barb 16439961-broken-glass-heart

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